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Welcome to Ann’s Bird Ventures

September 23, 2011

When I was two years old, I was shipped off temporarily to my Grandmother’s house while my brother was being born.  My dear grandmother was an outdoor woman, showed me my first American Robin, and started me on the road to a love of the natural world and a life of bird adventures. I’ve recently been putting my field notes (and some of hers) and journals on my computer, and decided to share some of them with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Several years after my first robin sighting, my grandmother took us all on a walk in a woods somewhere in Ohio. We never hiked anywhere, since the whole idea was to look for things – birds, butterflies, wildflowers, rabbits – and the best way to find them was to amble or stroll or just wander around. It was an old forest as I remember, tall trees (well, I was pretty short), leaves covering the ground, and shrubs here and there. I was still young enough that my father’s warning, “Don’t hit the bushes with that stick!” went ignored and sure enough, I stirred up a hornet’s nest. They came after me – fast and stinging – with me screaming and running around, and everyone else yelling, but my wise father grabbed up a wad of mud from a damp area and slapped it on me. And boy did I swell up – not from the slapping – from the stinging. Anyhow, for several days I looked pretty weird – all swole up!

I still amble and stroll and just wander around the woods, but I do not beat the bushes anymore.


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  1. Sandi Pray permalink

    We look forward to many, many more of Ann’s ventures ~ whether they be of the bird, plane or superman variety :)) You have such a wealth of information and stories to share from your travels ~ can’t wait!! Way to go, Ann!

  2. Looks great!!! Maybe you can post your Newspaper articles here as well. Also, mention your blog in the articles to boost traffic to the blog.

  3. Diane permalink

    Yea, Ann. Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Just trying to figure out how to get this automatically to my email address.

  4. Shannon permalink

    Great job. Look forward to more stories. Love you.

  5. Susie Van Liere permalink

    VERY nice, Ann. I admire your dedication to sharing your very interesting adventures. Susie V.

  6. Marge permalink

    Great start, Ann. Looking forward to more. I think when I tried to get this up yesterday, you had JUST entered it and it had not yet arrived on my computer.

  7. Leslie permalink

    It would be fun to see some illustrations or pictures along with these great stories!

  8. Sarah Dean permalink

    Congratulations, Ann, my dear friend, wonderful teacher, and now – writer! I have learned so much from you – birds and otherwise (you know what I mean!). I will look forward to many more of your ventures, on paper or shared together! xoxo, Sarah

  9. Claire Kruse permalink

    Wow Ann some lovely stories, thank you for sharing with me, I look forward to seeing more!
    Love and kisses to you and Uncle Phil xx

  10. Michael Yustin permalink

    Hi Ann,
    Great stories! I miss all you guys and look forward to seeing you soon!

  11. Helen Beers permalink

    Oh Ann I am so happy you are doing thisI You do have a gift!
    Thanks to our many treasured adventures over the years I have learned so much from you & been blessed! Now I get to hear more stories!!! Love, Helen

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